Beach Road villa

Our client approached us with a beautiful site in Castor Bay along the Eastern coast featuring a front seat view of Rangitoto on which he intended to build a home on for his grandparents to retire. The Beach Road Villa delivers an architectural response by harmonizing the two most conflicting factors at play: the steepness of the site and the requirement for a fully accessible home. Where the typical approach to the site would have been to develop split levels along the length of the building, we designed this home to sit level with the garage in-order to eliminate all interior stepping thresholds. At the same time, a central circulation lift carries the users between the floors to completely remove any physical limitations of access.

325 m2 site - Building platform of Approx. 240m2 
Completion Date:
Design & Project by Han





Without stepping the building to accommodate the sloped terrain, the design ended up with height to boundary infringements of up to 3M in height. This level of infringement would normally never see approval through council however by utilizing the neighboring driveway easements accompanied with an intricate landscaping plan we were able to provide successful mitigation of the environmental affects to obtain consent.


From Beach Road, the building is completely concealed behind the existing foliage. Along the site front, the elevation of the house is completely devoid of any openings, the beautiful full cedar-clad façade acts as the noise and visual barrier to the busy road. As the body of the building stretches to the east, the house opens up progressively before becoming completely transparent at the other end. Full height sliding doors blur the separation between the upper floor living area and the large outdoor balcony, enhancing the light-filled spaces above. In the distance, a full vista of Rangitoto is framed by the folding architecture to project the interior spaces out towards the horizon.

 castor bay Render by X Studio

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