Whitford Estate

The proposal for Whitford Estate is a segmentation and fracture of traditional compositions of form and space. The methodology of the design was to take an elongated horizontal bulk and displace each sector of the house to introduce voids and variations in volume, mass and light.

The result of this displacement generates a unique relationship between the architecture and its landscape via numerous semi-enclosed pocket courtyards. Each area of the house has a space of transition via these pockets which separate it from the next, introducing progressive levels of formality and conversion.


50,000 m2 site - Building platform of 650m2 each
Completion Date:
Design & Project by Han






The displacements continue to shift not only the plan but the building's elevation through accentuations in the ceiling spaces. Two large floor to ceiling voids give the main living area and library a sense of grandeur, with large glazing panels and a circular skylight above. The minimalistic geometry highlights these spaces by elevating it one step above whilst the extensions in the frame extend the focus out towards the views and valleys beyond.

  Render by X Studio



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