Bremnar Ridge

Perched on a hill atop the Bremner Ridge subdivision overlooking a spectacular valley view, this pair of homes were designed on behalf of two very good clients who have been business partners and great friends for the longest time. The brief was to treat two separate sections as one and design a matching pair of contemporary, monolithic homes with the same floor plan and form baring minor unique adjustments for each house. The driveway loops from one house to the other and the common fence is removed so the outdoor entertainment areas of both houses are combined. Looking forward to the parties here.


600m2 each with 300m2 platform. 
Completion Date:
Design & Project by Anna and Han


Paneled Abodo shiplap boards offset the monolithic concrete panels by adding warmth to the approach of the house on the ground floor. Upstairs, a fully glazed double-height void envelops the dining area and filters light deeper throughout the living space. Large glazing panels open seamlessly to a large balcony facing north and directly towards the views beyond. 


Render by X Studio

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