MacMurry Residence

Nestled in the serene streets of Remuera, the MacMurry Lane Residence stands as a testament to modern architectural brilliance. Conceived with a vision of blending the best of contemporary design with functional living, every corner of this residence speaks of sophistication.

The exterior is enveloped in matt black nu-wall, giving the structure a distinct, commanding presence that contrasts beautifully with its surroundings. The sleek finish not only offers a unique aesthetic appeal but also provides resilience, ensuring the residence remains timeless amidst the ever-changing architectural landscapes.




Completion Date:
Design & Project by Dian










Beyond just aesthetics, MacMurry Lane Residence is designed for the modern dweller. Every space within is thoughtfully crafted, maximizing comfort without compromising on style. The residential abode seamlessly integrates the inside with the outside, promoting a harmonious balance with nature, even in an urban setting. 

Render by  X Studio.



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