Campbells Bay Estate

“Trans-boundary design that blurs the separation between building, interior and the landscape.”

Designed as two separate volumes, one on top of another, the upper volume is supported by columns, allowing extensive sliding glass walls along the Northern façade. This allows the ground floor to be almost completely opened and introduces a seamless transition between the living spaces and the outdoor patio and swimming pool.  


Completion Date:
900 m2 site - 470m2 with 210m2 platform
Completion Date:
Design & Project by Eric & David


In the living room, the folding glass panels wrap around and can further peel back to capture full views of Campbells Bay without any obstructions. The semi-outdoor terrace facing the ocean is formed out of an intricate extrusion of the building eave, serving as a functional expansion of the indoor space.


The composition of these different spaces creates an intricate yet open interplay between the various elements of the design. 




Render by X Studio

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